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Liquid waste

Septic Tank Cleaners and Liquid Waste Professionals

Since 1998, JB’s has become a household name, being “No.1 for your No.2’s!” setting the standards others aspire to! A service built upon customer satisfaction, performance and reliability.

Septic tanks

JB’s provide prompt, reliable, compliant service for all onsite waste water treatment plants and traditional septic tank systems.

Septic tanks fill gradually overtime treating solids and separating liquids. Regular maintenance is important to ensure your system works efficiently. Here at JB’s we recommend a 2-3-year cleaning cycle for cleaning. This frequency can vary, dependant on the number of people in the household, the size of system and drainage.

What we do

  • Locate the septic tank
  • Expose the tank to allow 100% reliable cleaning
  • Check the content/water level for soak pit performance
  • Remove contents; 1. surface crust 2. Main body of water 3. Activated sludge layer
  • Clean the filters (if applicable)
  • Check condition of inlet/outlet pipe
  • Check to ensure there is no backflow
  • Reinstate soil & grass to a satisfactory high standard
  • Advise customer of any site specific concerns (Repairs and preventative measures can be organised upon request)

Frequently asked questions

How will I know if my septic tank needs to be cleaned?

The first signs are:

  • Toilet not flushing, rising water level in the bowl
  • Glugging noises coming from the house drains
  • Overbearing smell
  • Overflowing at the gulley trap or mushroom
  • Noticeable wet areas around drainage field

How often should I have my tank cleaned?

We recommend a 2-3-year cycle, this is dependent on the number of people in each household, size of the system and drainage.

What if my tank is overflowing?

Please call us right away, and we will do our best to get there as soon as possible.

What does standard septic tank clean out pricing allow for?

  • Good driveway access
  • Up to 30 minutes onsite to locate, expose and reinstate tank
  • Up to 30 meters of suction hose
  • Up to 3000 litres of waste

Are you able to do reports?

Yes we do. If you are looking to sell your current property or are doing renovations, our team can inspect your septic tank system to see if there are any problems or damages. This information is presented into a report. Please note there is an additional administration fee.

How can I improve the performance of your septic tank system?

With minor adjustments, you can help improve the performance of your septic tank system by:

  • Avoid pouring harsh chemicals such as bleach down the sink/drain as this kills the healthy bacteria living in the septic tank
  • Avoid pouring fats down the sink – this reduces risk of fat build up ultimately reducing risk of blockage
  • In poor soakage areas or if the ground is saturated during the wet season, reduce water usage (ie. decrease loads of washing, decrease shower time etc) to not overwhelm the soak pit/drainage fields

Grease Traps

JB’s provide reliable, scheduled and code compliant servicing of grease traps

We service a range of businesses such as cafes, restaurants, take-a-way shops, hotels and commercial food preparation facilities.

Grease Trap cleaning cycles can depend on:

  • Size of grease trap
  • Type of food industry
  • Local council requirements
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Interceptors & Sumps – Fuel/Oil Hydro Carbon

JB’s provide reliable, scheduled and code compliant servicing of interceptors and sumps.

Interceptors and Sumps should be cleaned out regularly to maintain clean water discharge. Most interceptors are based on scheduled time servicing plan, being 2, 3, or 4 month service intervals. It really depends on size of interceptor, utilisation and local council regulations.

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  • Effluent Sumps / Farming

    Most dairy farms have effluent sumps that need regular servicing, JB’s can handle sumps up to 100 000+ litres. We can work with you to achieve your clean out needs.

  • Storm Water Sumps

    Domestic & Commercial. We can provide a service for a range of sizes and service intervals.

  • Bulk Sludge Removal

    Mostly larger volumes, we have truck and trailer units to speed transportation up.

  • Swimming Pools

    Sludge removal and basic cleaning for refilling of water.

Bigger & Better every truck Bigger & Better every truck Bigger & Better every truck Bigger & Better every truck Bigger & Better every truck Bigger & Better every truck

Other services

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