Septic Tank Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance

Septic tanks fill gradually overtime with solids and should be cleaned or de-sludged regularly, here at JB’s we recommend a 3-5-year cycle which is then also dependent on how many people live in the household. If our team see any issues such as broken lids, damaged inlet or outlet tees, whilst cleaning your septic tank you will be notified immediately. Repairs can be done upon request.

JB’s provide prompt, reliable, compliant servicing to all aspects of Septic Tank Cleaning and Maintenance. Part of the process can sometimes involve the excavating of soil on top of the septic tank lids. This allows full access to the septic tank primary chambers to ensure that the three levels of contents are removed effectively.

1. Surface Crust
2. Main body of Water
3. Activated sludge layer

How Often (ticks for bullet points)
There are several factors that influence and determine the performance of your on-site waste water system:

• The size of the family
• The size of the septic tank
• Soil structure
• Local body regulations

Part of JB’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to check the height of the water level in the inlet pipe to the septic tank (re: condition of soak pit performance).

Remove the lid to allow 100% reliable servicing.

Check that both inlet and outlet Tee’s are in place.

Check to see if there is a filter in the outlet, then clean.

Check to ensure there is no back flow from the soak pit.

Reinstate soil and grass complete to a satisfactory high standard.

Advise the customer of any issues that are site specific by means of a Septic Tank Warrant of Fitness. 

Weather is a Major Factor

Gravity Systems during the winter months can sometimes present soak pit/field drainage issues with the ground water not allowing the contents to exit the septic tank and soak away.

Treatment Plants are not affected to the same degree by wet weather conditions. Primarily because the pumps will continuously treated effluent to an on-site disposal field, however in the wetter times of the year these field areas can become over saturated and unsightly.

Your septic tank is a storage receptacle for the solid waste to be contained and treated. Water is then allowed to flow through and out in to the soakers field for evaporation.


How often should I have my tank cleaned?
We recommend a 2-3-year cycle, this is dependent on the number of people in each household.

What if my tank is overflowing?
Call us immediately as this could be due to the failure of the soak pit.

How will I know if there is something wrong with my septic tank?

  • If there is a smell coming from the area of your septic tank
  • Overflowing
  • Not being able to flush the toilet

Are you able to do reports?
Yes, we are. If you are looking to sell your current property our team are able to inspect your septic tank system to see if there are any problems or damages. This information is then passed on to our office staff who then collate it all into a report.

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JB's Environmental Ltd

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Phone: 06 367 5075
Freephone: 0800 44 26 28
Mobile (John): 021 750 920