Guaranteed to make you hot.

A-Grade Firewood supplies dry and untreated firewood across the Horowhenua and Kapiti all year round. Visit our shop at 28 Tararua Road, Levin or buy online.

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Guaranteed Dry – our wood is stored in a glass house that spans over 3 acres of concrete meaning it is bone dry all year round.

Continuous supply all year around: We have the ability to carry enough logs that allows us to maintain a constant supply all year round.

Screened by our tumbler: Truck delivered wood is screened leaving you with cleaner wood.

Tow-n-Go courtesy trailers: We are all about looking after our locals, in which we have 10 courtesy (free) trailers available for those who are based in Levin.

Pick up or delivery: Our shop (located at 28 Tararua Road, Levin) is open all year round for pick up. Or choose our delivery option when placing your order. We deliver from Pukerua Bay through to Palmerston North, any requests for delivery outside these areas contact the office to discuss.

We also sell mulch and sawdust: Our mulch is a direct by product of our firewood operation, in an effort to become zero waste in our firewood yard. This product is 100% natural and is a cost effect means for ground cover. We can supply untreated shavings perfect for animal bedding. Please not supply can be effected by seasonal demand.

All our firewood is untreated.

Shop Dry Firewood

We have a variety of $ amounts you can purchase from our shop. From boot loads to trailer loads. Simply make payment to the bearded man on the loader, load and go.

Wood Prices – Pick Up Only 

Kindling – $15.00 per box

Trolley – $30.00 per trolley

Boxwood Pine – $130.00 per m3

Split Pine – $130.00 per m3

Douglas Fir – $220.00 per m3

Gum – $220.00 per m3

Macrocarpa – $220.00 per m3

Mulch – $46.00 per m3

Sawdust – $46.00 per m3

The prices listed above are not inclusive of delivery, they are pick-up prices only.

Order Your Delivery

Delivery will be calculated at checkout, labelled under shipping.

For 8m3 deliveries and deliveries beyond Palmerston North and Pukerua Bay please contact us at or 0800 44 26 28 to discuss.

28 Tararua Road
Levin, 5571, NZ
  • Monday to Friday (Office & Firewood): 9am — 4pm
  • Saturday (Firewood): 8am — 12 noon
  • Sunday: Closed

Barkmulch – 8m3

Prices starting from $428.00

Boxwood Pine – 2m3

Prices starting from $320.00

Boxwood Pine – 4m3

Prices starting from $520.00

Hot Mix – 4m3

Prices starting from $700.00


$15 per box – Can only be purchased with wood delivery

Pine – 2m3

Prices starting from $320.00

Pine – 4m3

Prices starting from $520.00

Sawdust – 8m3

Prices starting from $428.00


Is the wood dry?

Yes, our wood is guaranteed dry. Our saleable wood is stored in our 3-acre glasshouse.

What firewood is best suited for my fire?

For smaller fires, we suggest our Boxwood Pine as the blocks are in convenient sized pieces, for open fires we suggest to use Pine, as Mac tends to spit.

What is our 4m3 Hotmix?

Our 4m3 Hotmix consists of 2 cubic meters of our pine wood and 2 cubic meters of our hardwoods.

What is Boxwood Pine?

Boxwood pine, one of our all-time favourites. It is still pine from a pine tree but kiln dried, cut with square profiles and is untreated from a manufacturing process laminated timber, pallets and bins. Boxwood pine is great for smaller fire boxes as well as been very easy to handle.

How long will a load last me?

We can’t give you an exact answer on how long a load will last as each household differs from how often they have their fire burning.

How big is a load?

Our standard delivery amount is 4m3, we are able to deliver 2m3, 8m3 and 10m3 loads as well.

How far do you deliver?

We deliver all around the Horowhenua and Kapiti Region. For deliveries South of Pukerua Bay and beyond Palmerston North, please call.

Do all prices include delivery?

A delivery fee will be calculated once you enter your address at checkout.

What is the delivery turn-around?

Once ordered we aim to deliver within 10 working days, this is dependent on load size, logistics and winter weather. 8m3 orders have faster delivery times as they are complete loads.

Can we pick up ourselves?

Yes, you are able to pick up yourself. Our yard caters for firewood by the boot-load and trailer load.

Can I use a courtesy trailer?

Courtesy trailers are available for use as far north as Foxton/Shannon and as far south as Otaki.

Do you sell kindling?

Yes, we have kindling available for purchase either on pick up or with a delivery.

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Guaranteed to make you hot Guaranteed to make you hot Guaranteed to make you hot Guaranteed to make you hot Guaranteed to make you hot Guaranteed to make you hot

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